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 When the original 2020 CWCC Grants Report was written and printed in February 2020, the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on normal community activities were unknown. As per previous year’s schedule, grant checks were mailed to grantees on March 1, 2020. Shortly after receiving their check, the Camas Sister City Organization returned their check explaining that in light of the pandemic they would be unable to conduct the grant activities in 2020.

At their March Board meeting, the CWCC Board decided to contact an additional 17 of the 2020 grantees to learn if they would be unable to deliver the services described in their grant application. If the answer was yes, the Board requested that the grant funds be returned so that the Board could reallocate the money to organizations delivering essential services such as the local food bank, rent and utility assistance, meals to seniors and veterans, etc.  Concurrently the Board contacted 10 grantees delivering essential services and offered them the opportunity to submit a supplemental
grant application to expand services delivered.

As described in the attached table, nine organizations returned some of all of their grant funds totaling $20,500. Six existing and one new organization submitted a supplementary grant application requesting $41,534 in additional support. At its April meeting, the Board reallocated the $20,500 in returned grant funds and added $9,500 from the general operating budget to fund $30,000 in supplemental emergency services grants. As a result of these actions a total of $119,500 was awarded in 2020 grants, up from $110,000.

2020 Grant Program Summary

Total number of grants awarded – 29

Total value of grants awarded – $119,500

Food pantry at the Children’s Home Society of Washington’s East County Resource Center in Washougal.